Saturday, September 26, 2015

Warriors Defeat Melcher-Dallas in Historic Game

Sr. Travis Enright under center. 
Enright threw for 227 yards and 4 TD.

The Seymour Warriors broke the losing streak with their long time rivals, the Melcher-Dallas Saints. For the first time since 2001, the Warriors defeated the Saints by a score of 64-28.
Jr. Justin Jewett ran the ball 10 times for 50 yards and 1 TD 
Sr. Dalton Johnson led the defense with
2 interceptions, a TD and 7 tackles
 In 2001 the Warriors beat the Saints 34-8. 14 seasons later the Warriors have risen to the occasion and defeated Melcher on it's own ground. A great victory and one every Warriors fan will remember.

 For game stats click here.

Seymour Defeated Melcher-Dallas in 2001 by a score of 34-8.

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